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I purchased a Vanilla MasterCard to give to my daughter as a gift. I loaded $40.00 at the time of purchase. She tried to use the card and it was declined. I checked the online account link and it showed a debit for exactly $40.00 also immediately after I purchased it. OCX Enterprises? I called to resolve the issue with Vanilla and I was told that I have to go through their dispute process which takes about a month. Pissed Off! I am going... Read more

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This company is a piexe of *** waste of money!! They wont load my money on my card and now saying my pin isnt vaild or anything! They will not return my momey i DO NOT remmond this bs company. Too many issues they wont fix or no help even givin!

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I have two 200.00 Vanilla Mastercard gift cards that I cannot use because they come up as not activated even though $6.88 activation was paid for at the time the online purchase was made at Wal-Mart gave me a phone number to call for further assistance to no avail. These cards were a waste of $413.76 because there's apparently no way to get them activated with them having been a gift. This is a SCAM. I RECOMMEND THEM TO NO ONE.... Read more

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I received this Vanilla MC as a birthday present. I tried to use it after a month and was declined. Apparently somone used the card a week before. Since I am not an isolated case, I think this is an issue with the company that issues these cards. I called their customer support line and they sent em a lot of forms to fill and they were planning to go after Shoppers Drug Mart which would be a totally waste of time, in my optinon. The fraud... Read more

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After getting the card at Walmart was told it was active at that time... It wasnt, tried to use the card online to pay for a monthly service plan... called the vendor an was told there wasnt any account available that's just plain crazy, for I had just loaded the card at the time of purchase... after three hours on the phone the account was located be warned about this service, there is a 50 cent service charge for each transaction you make... Read more

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So I went onto the Vanilla Mastercard Website and tried activating my card because it is telling me, so I went in and typed my Postal Code in different ways but it still doesn't work. I checked online if anyone else had the problem and apparently everyone is having the same problem. I hope they fix this problem on their website because it is BS. There's no way to use the card unless it is Activated and the only way to Activate it is to add your... Read more

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i was buying something online and it said it was declined so i called the people and something happened where my phone said this number is unavailable or something like unavailable the website said to check if everything was right and it was all right! i went to the website and it said to put your postal code in and stuff and i did everything the vanillaprepaid thing said but i went back to see if it worked and it didnt! so now im gonna return... Read more

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I was trying to buy spotify premium. Yet for some reason, it didnt work. It says that the card holder is having a bad day. Also, Prior to this, i was trying to put my postal code to register my card earlier. But it didnt work because you switched websites. Pls take down the old website if this happens. i need a few more words so this is honestly all just spam and random stuff just to reach the 100 word limit. so how was ur day? probs better then... Read more

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I purchased a Vanilla MasterCard from Walmart and it did not work. I went back to Walmart and manager told they cannot help me and I must deal with the Vanilla MasterCard customer service. I called the 800 number on the back of the card and they asked me to email copy of the card, receipt, and driver license. I had to email them few times and after I read the complains here, I felt I'll never get back my money. It took a week to resolve but at... Read more

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I purchased a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart. As I wish to use it on-line, I went to the vanilla website to register my postal code. The available balance of my card appears to be correct, but when I attempt to enter my postal code on the vanilla website, in order to register it for on-line purchases, the error "invalid postal code" appears. I have tried the correct format and capitalization, as well as with small letters... Read more

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