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I put $30 on this vanilla mastercard for my boyfriend to use on a game online for father's day. When he goes to enter this information it declines him.

So i call customer service and wait and wait and wait until finally some foreign guy answers. I give him all of my personal info because apparantly it cant identify me online or my mother or my bf. What the *** Dude basically gives me the run around and tells me to email him copies of all my personal *** including ID, SS card and a copy of a bill to confirm my address and even then it will take 1-2 business days to get a refund check in the mail and even then it may not happen incase they still cant identify me based on all that info. Huge huge rip off.

$30 of my hard earned cash down the drain becsuse of some scamming sons of *** Also, *** walmart for allowing this *** to be sold in stores.

I feel like they know its a scam yet they let it slide due to the fact that they get their little $3.65 processing fee for every sucker that picks one up. NEVER AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Mastercard Card Activation.

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UPDATE got an email from them asking me to supply with photocopy of front and back of the card and photocopy of front and back of package well I guess this means I am going to lose 200 dollars as I did not keep the package. This is really bad I can not afford to lose that money. I agree with previous complain that Walmart should not allow this, pull this card from the stores.

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