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Bought a $200 Vanilla MasterCard to pay my cable bill online, When I tried to activate the card, I was asked to phone Vanilla, I did. Vanilla told me the card had not been activated at the "point of sale".

I went back to Metro explained what happened they said a manager isn't in come back to-morrow, I went back the next day, spoke with the manager and was told too bad the card is non refundable and not their problem it had to do with a third party company called "Blackhawk"....screwed by all three of them..... I m old and live on a fixed income now what do I DO?

Vanilla Mastercard Cons: Just bad.

Location: 121 Bloor St E #600, Toronto, ON M4W 3M5, Canada

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If your are truly old and on a fixed income you must have a financial institution to receive and convert deposits.

Therefore it does not make sense that you would blunder into the world of prepaid card anything.

You should pay your cable company directly.

What have you been doing since the dawn of cable back in the 60's ?

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