I received a Vanilla gift card for Christmas of $25. I can't activate the card using 1-800-680-5938 given online.

I selected the option to talk with customer service and was told wait time is one minute. After waiting, a new recording says 8 minute wait, even 10 minutes later. I redial and get the same, each time. I used www.getcardbalance.com and I punched in all the card information and it keeps saying SYSTEM ERROR.

PLEASE TRY LATER. I have tried to use the card in 5 place, to no avail. FRAUD.

I want to speak to someone, real. BS ~

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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same thing 2 card of 100 each activate have bill but when call they say not activate theya lmost treat me like I stole the cards I have the bill activation coupon but not activated went back to store they retried to reactivate and the number on receipt not same as the package so I say its the card wrong batch had they all ahave same serial number in the back not help from them lost 212 withactivation fee somethng should be doen about thsi they cant keep getting money for the card from people and they are not working

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #952477
I use these all the time for shopping online so ill give you a few hints:
the phone number is unfortunately useless. you will not get a real person.

don't bother with it. register the card at vanillamastercard.com
use the card in one shot. do not, i repeat DO NOT use the card in increments at a time or save any balance for later. they charge you up the wazoo for each transaction and after 3 months charge $4 for non usage per month.

using it in one transaction is useful for avoiding the usage fee as they don't deduct it right away.

it just goes into a negative balance after a few days. which who cares since you've already used up the card :)
hope i can help!

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