I purchased a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart. As I wish to use it on-line, I went to the vanilla website to register my postal code. The available balance of my card appears to be correct, but when I attempt to enter my postal code on the vanilla website, in order to register it for on-line purchases, the error "invalid postal code" appears.

I have tried the correct format and capitalization, as well as with small letters with and without the space. I have also tried other postal codes, and even a US zip code, but all produce the same error. I even tried using a different browser and a different device, and still encounter the same problem. I'm not willing to wait on the phone for hours (as others have reported), only to be given the run-around.

Lesson Learned: DON'T BUY VANILLA CARDS. Use a different provider for your pre-paid credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Mastercard Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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This is certainly a SCAM COMPANY .I received a vanilla prepaid MasterCard for $25.00 which unfortunately expired because of Covid. I have been phoning the company for the last six months spoken to managers to no availability sometimes left on the phone for several hours and no one comes on, they are always asking whether my address is valid, which it is as I receive mails from all over the world.

The line I keep hearing is the card shall be sent within a month and six months onwards nothing has arrived.

Why has this company been allowed to rip innocent people of their hard earned cash. Can someone please advise what can I do the get my refund.


i called and they refused to do anything.




U have to use upper cases and space between the 3 -3

@Memory Mnw

Yup this worked, try this out plz

@Memory Mnw


@Memory Mnw


@Memory Mnw

Thanks!!! That work

@Memory Mnw

So stupid that this isn't made clear on the website.

@Memory Mnw





Hi, would anyone happen to know if having another card on the same postal code, could effect the usage of the other one? I know my sister registered hers before mine so I'm curious if maybe that's why I can't add the postal code to ours.

Cause if this is true then maybe after her balance has been used they cancel that card and then remove the postal code from the system and I can use it. But when I think about it, it sounds stupid cause I know multiple people use prepaid cards and the chances of there being more than one on a postal code is high but I still think it could be a possibility. I may try to use a family members postal code with their permission and see if that works. If not then ill go on call or send an email or letter to the closest vanilla prepaid branch.

Cause bullshit!!!!! I WANT TO USE MY GIFTTTTT!!!!

I could have a Spotify account or something to make my life easier. Or I could order equipment for my stupidly energetic dog.


I got screwed by 7-Eleven they reloaded $200 on to my non reloadable vanilla card so I just used that same card every time I bought something from 7-Eleven I swipe the card I take my stuff and they'd say it's invalid and I'm like no no you reloaded it and then I walk out with my stuff


There's definitely something wrong with you people... You're all a bunch of thieves...


I have the same problem, I used visa cards all my life and that one time I use this it doesn't work. Great.




I as well have found out the same thing. I just got off the phone with a customer service agent and was pretty much told I was doing something wrong....I'm sitting on a useless piece of plastic


Il faut saisir le code postal dans le format suivant en majuscule: A2A B3B


merci, ceci a fonctionné

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