I purchased a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart. As I wish to use it on-line, I went to the vanilla website to register my postal code. The available balance of my card appears to be correct, but when I attempt to enter my postal code on the vanilla website, in order to register it for on-line purchases, the error "invalid postal code" appears.

I have tried the correct format and capitalization, as well as with small letters with and without the space. I have also tried other postal codes, and even a US zip code, but all produce the same error. I even tried using a different browser and a different device, and still encounter the same problem. I'm not willing to wait on the phone for hours (as others have reported), only to be given the run-around.

Lesson Learned: DON'T BUY VANILLA CARDS. Use a different provider for your pre-paid credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Mastercard Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Same experience


Just got Canadian Postal code entered with all caps and space, like A2A 1B2


Thanks! Putting the space and adding it in capital letters fixed it for Canada!




Thanks man


Saved me some frustrations as well thank you for pointing out simple instructions they should have laid on there website


wish I would have read this B4 I purchased my card as am having the same problems


All caps with the space in between the first three digits


All caps with a space between the third and fourth characters and it works


Accuracy counts. Thanks!


I had the same error. Entered my postal code with All caps and it worked


You have to have a space like s5k 3m4


It actually *** worked! No Joke for Serious.


I received a $25 gift card and cannot register it. It says the card number has not been found.

I called them but got nowhere. Very poor service.




you just gotta change the region or country to wherever you live.

@Hani A Qty

How do you change the region?


They should just stay with the Vanilla cards because hackers steal everything even if they live in the same house as you, it's so bad


My prepaid vanilla MasterCard has the last 8 digits scratched off and the card is defective. I do not have the original purchase receipt as it was a gift and the company will not replace it. I am not the only person who this has happened to.


Vanillaprepaid.com with old postal code works, 2 year old subdivsion, no good. says invalid. I guess they use a really old database of postal codes.

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