I purchased a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart. As I wish to use it on-line, I went to the vanilla website to register my postal code. The available balance of my card appears to be correct, but when I attempt to enter my postal code on the vanilla website, in order to register it for on-line purchases, the error "invalid postal code" appears.

I have tried the correct format and capitalization, as well as with small letters with and without the space. I have also tried other postal codes, and even a US zip code, but all produce the same error. I even tried using a different browser and a different device, and still encounter the same problem. I'm not willing to wait on the phone for hours (as others have reported), only to be given the run-around.

Lesson Learned: DON'T BUY VANILLA CARDS. Use a different provider for your pre-paid credit.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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I had a similar problem, which I solved by registering my card on a different Vanilla site than the one listed on the card. I bought a Vanilla Mastercard gift card, which told me to register it at vanillamastercard.com.

I had the same problem there that you describe. After some poking around I finally went to vanillagift.com which worked fine.


go to vanillagift.com, NOT vanillamastercard, vanillavisa, or vanillaprepaid.com

Vanillagift.com takes the zip code (finally one website does) and it acually worked for me instantly, I hope this helps you guys with your gift card problem


Thanks to cd067. used vanilla.com and set zip code.


I just had this problem, here's how i fixed it: change whatever country the site had already put in, to something else. then change it back to your correct country.

and keep in mind if you mouse over the 'postal code/zip' box it tells you to have Caps and spaces for ex. X#X #X#

hope this helps


it wasnt working for me and capitalizing my zip code solved it ty


I was having the same issue with vanilla gift card but U.S postal code. I was able to enter my postal code on vanillagift.com they have multiple sites and I tried the prepaid site, then vanillavisa site- neither worked. Hope this helps.


Go to the URL on the back of the card and use capital letters in your postal code with no space.


How in the world do you capitalize zip code numbers?!


Postal code not zip code. A world exists outside the USA lmao


Same issue here. I get the "invalid postal code" error on VanillaMasterCard.com.

Technically the back of my card says to use VanillaPrepaid.com, but that site just brings me to a blank 404 page.


vanillaprepaid.com site is not working now and the other site wont accept postal codes wtf???


You are NO LONGER REQUIRED to provide a postal coded. All cards are treated as anonymous.

I called and that's the answer I was given.

I just bought an album (paying for music? Who does that?) and the payment went through flawlessly.


People who bought the card primarily to use for online shopping need to register, so when you're checking out items, you will have a name where it says to put your name on the card.

And I'm in the same boat as the other people.

On Vanillavisa.com, it showed I had the correct balance, but the zip was ALWAYS invalid.

When I call, the robot asks for my activation number, which I don't have, since it activated the moment it was purchased. No win!


I called this number and was able to register zipcode



Go to Vanillaprepaid.com instead of Vanillamastercard.com


like this person said go to vanillaprepaid.com, that solved my issue post haste


I went to vanillaprepaid.com and it's still saying an error occurred, ugh so frustrating


I used vanilla prepaid card (mostly mastercard) for over 4 years already and this postal code problem never occured before. However, my problem was resolve by registering my zipcode via the link that person posted! thank you for the help!


Same problem here...

I never had any issue with these cards before but this is quite irritating...


Me too. Can't use card for most online purchases or to pay bills, because can't register zip.

Is this happening for just a few people? Or is everyone having this problem? It has gone on now for 3-4 days, odd. I noticed this thread has gotten a lot of views the past few days, please if you visit leave a comment.

Has anyone called them? Its odd that they haven't fixed it, what do they say?

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