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I bought a Vanilla Mastercard at Sam's and I could not get it to work. I called the number on the back of the card 1 800 680 5938 and it is totally automated.

It asked me to put in the card number, the exp. date, and the three digit code on the back. After I did this, it asked me to do it again, and again, and again . .

. I looked online and got the number for Mastercard, who put me in touch with Banker's Bank which handles the card. She would not help me and gave me the same number on the back of the card and INSISTED that I could get ahold of a live person there. I assured her that I could not.

She INSISTED again that I could. I told her she needed to fix this and she just passed the buck saying that I had to call the number on the back. She told me the card was active and I could use it. I cannot get on the www.getcardbalance.com website because it will not accept the card number as a login.

I tried using the card on several different websites, and it rejects it.

So I am now trying to get my money back from Sam's. I will NEVER use Mastercard again because they ripped me off and refuse to back their product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanilla Mastercard Website.

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Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States #1186953

I have the same problems but i think that some cards are exactly alike

in the 7/11 i got my $50 card and i saw 2 of them had the same example card on the package but i didnt think much of it then, but when i got back home and tried to use it to buy overwatch, i looked up why it didnt work and i saw i needed to redeem, so i tried

system error

i looked at my card and thought "huh thats weird, this is the same code as the example. so even though the card doesnt even want to redeem, for all i know, it could have $2 on it because the rest is just a a guess for a 3 number code!!!


I had the same negative issue as janakay.

I finally out of desperation gave up!

I will NEVER use MASTERCARD again

and I will pass on this negative experience to

over 100 "friends" in my address asking them

EACH to send this to everyone in their address book, and so on. as a point of reference my number 5154624817314917 exp 06/21 code557

to Chef Eduardo #1068296

So i used your card and it worked andit says uve 4.65$ left from the original 25$ u had go google my vanilla mastercard

Ringgold, Georgia, United States #704156


Copy & paste this link....all I had to do is put my card number & 3 digit code on back & the balance was displayed along with history of usage.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #651232
I'm so mad! :( :upset
I bought a $25 prepaid vanilla mastercard and as I was trying to activate it online it kept saying "system error" so I decided to call for customer service. As soon as I get on the phone they tell me no problem, it can be fixed, started asking me for my info as they were building what they call a "ticket" for me.

So 10minutes later.. they ask me for a receipt which usually O always carry, but just my luck could not find it. So they continue on building the ticket and said just to call where i bought the card from asking them to fax or email a copy of the receipt. Then they also said i need to send a copy with a front and back of the card.

Basically, everything was an inconvenience. I had no form of sending them a picture of the card.. no camera phone.. no fax on hand, as i travel a lot.. so the need for receipt then became irrelevant.. and said without proof of purchase of the card there was nothing they could do.. really frustrating when the card is in your hand with the package and everything.

I understand theyre doing their job, but i am a loyal customer and feel they have the power to fix this problem but choose not to by following the rules i guess.. i refuse to support their business. All this because the card was not activated upon purchase. So thats a lesson! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #596516

I have gone to at lease ten different sights to get my card balance so whatis up with this vanilla mastercard when you are sent from here to michigan or space. pumkin


Vanillamastercard is a god *** scam. We recieved one for as a gift when our son was born.

We wanted to save it for a bit and get him something nice. We tried to use is after a year and it get declined. I guess you have to read the fine print vanillamastercard.com starts stealling from you after 7 months 2.50 at a time. By the time we went to use it was only good for 37.50.

Nice gift for my son Vanillamastercard.com.

vanillamastercard.com =SCAM

to Steve Sanders Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #586701
Got one as a gift too. I also saved my $50 dollar card to use it at a right time.

After a year only $10 is left :( It got eaten up with the $2.50 fees.

Such a waste. Really pissed :(

I just tried to use a card that was gifted to me a couple of months ago. Apparently it wasn't properly activated at the time of purchase.

Now, to properly activate it I am told I can do one of 2 things. One is send the original store receipt for the card. This is unlikely to be available as it was a gift from an older relative, obviously not knowing better than to buy this scam card, who almost certainly wouldn't still have the receipt. The other is that I can send a copy of my own ID, a driver's license, and a copy of the card.

How is my ID going to make any difference when I had absolutely nothing to do with the purchase?

I understand their concern is the card is stolen but 1) they are presuming I stole it which is simply offensive and 2) if they have such a problem with theft that they simply assume anyone holding a card has stolen it until they are able to prove otherwise then they should change the way the card is sold and activated. But that would mean they wouldn't be able to sell worthless cards which has an infinite profit margin.


As far as I'm concerned, these cards are a scam. My little sister got me a $50 car as a birthday present, but it is completely unusable online and in stores.

Keep in mind that I went online and registered the card prior to using it, but it still proved to be useless. Avoid Vanilla at all costs, I will be contacting master card today.


I purchased a vanilla mastercard this morning to pay an urgent bill. i waited the hour to get it activated but after waiting it didn't work. i tried to get online and i got an error saying there was an issue with the card and i had to call in. when i called i realized the number on the card was different than the number on the packaging!

customer service or the store i purchased it from were no help. cs says i have to email a copy of the back and front of the card along with the receipt so they can conduct a 7 day investigation. then maybe a refund in 3 weeks.

vanilla mastercard is a scam. how am i supposed to know the card doesn't match the packaging before purchasing? does the store really want me to open the cards without buying?

I received a Vanilla mastercard as a gift. It was declined at 3 stores (card was not activated properly even though the fee was paid).

Was determined to get this thing to work for me. Called the number on the card for customer service .. no extension available. Determined to reach someone I pressed lost or stolen cards extension and it went right to the customer service.

Asked alot of questions and got hung up on twice .. checked the account online instead and said there was no activation date. For some reason the next day after I called and complained they activated it ..

not sure what thats about. :x

I got a vanilla mastercard to buy stuff online and every time i try to buy somthing it dosent work i tryed calling there toll free number and what did the toll free umber tell me that i had to call another number that costes almost 5 dollers a call that is *** i will never buy another one of these cards and i waisted all my money on this *** card

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