Purchased this $50 card at Overwaitea Foods in 2012 as a gift-misplaced it and tried to use it in June 2014. After 7 months "People's" Bank charges $2.50/month in fees, so the net loss is $54.95 including the activation fee.

Disgusting yet legal! I will never purchase any prepaid card again, and plan to distribute this info far and wide. This is just another type of service charge pillaging by banks and until people get vocal enough with their complaints, it will continue.

Canada seems to be intent on catching up with the US in number of ways to fleece money from consumers that can often least afford it. I hope this saves someone their money!

Monetary Loss: $55.

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bought 100 vanilla mastercard never used it next I check the balance they took $80 in service fee for NOT using the card....called there toll free number talk to rep saying that they will credit the $80 back to the card rep said it will take 2 hours!! and here am waiting at a store waiting to purchase something and 3 hours later and another phone call to a rep anther run around saying that it will take up to 48 hours for refund WTF? I WILL NEVER EVER USE THERE SERVICES AGAIN!!!!!!!


All prepaid cards have monthly charges to keep them active in the system. Did you not read the terms and conditions, come on America.

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